Monday, December 05, 2005

Beaded portrait almost done

This is the portrait on November 21st--the new deadline was November 22--an emergency photo shoot for other items, not just mine. I managed to finish it in time--just by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin. (Actually, just one hair on my chin--it is more like a migrating eyebrow--who called them that? Some comedian. . . such a perfect description.) November was such a long time ago--it is already well into December. Hannah is already 6 months old! How did that happen? In the meantime, I've almost finished her onesie (I just have to add buttons and figure out how finish the leg holes), worked on the heart-shaped pin cushion (see below), thought about my Dad's brown sweater (I even looked at it in the basement for it--I've been working on it every Christmas for about 7 years now), started and finished one Christmas stocking out of beautiful handknit sweaters that I smelted (fulled accidentally) in the washer a long, long time ago but never threw out because I knew I'd use them for something like this eventually. (Note: I must pay homage to my mom, the collector of egg cartons, orange juice cans, empty thread spools, toilet paper rolls, holey socks, underwear, etc. for just such occassions--you'd be amazed at what she can do with these things.) I taught my niece and nephew how to stitch the felted bits together using a button hole stitch. My 6-year-old nephew thought I said butt hole stitch--imagine the fits of laughter. Actually, I think it is what captured and held his attention long enough to finish his heart ornament for his teacher. Posted by Picasa