Monday, March 09, 2009

Art auction

My brother Ben and his friend D.W. Alexander are working on raising money for their next film production, Id and Emma, which they will begin shooting in April. They have asked artists that they know to donate artwork for the auction and we’ve listed them on ebay (see the links below).

They are also donating 20% of the money raised from the auction for the Colorado Sickle Cell Foundation to honor a friend who is fighting the disease.

In this photo, D.W. is filming from the tower at East High School in Denver, Colorado, which will be a location in Id and Emma.

Please take a look at these items for auction, bid on ones you like, and forward this link to your friends and family. We really appreciate your support!

Updated 04-14-09--thanks everyone! So far, Ben and D.W. have earned $220.00 as well as $60 for the Colorado Sickle Cell Foundation.

These paintings are still available and have been relisted on eBay:

El Pueblo by Patricia Barr Clarke.

Rainbow Shell #8 by Tanya L. Hayes.

The Reading Room by Benjamin Sherif Clarke

Figure Study by Benjamin Sherif Clarke

Not Just One or the Other by Laura Brady

Stirling Castle by Noell Custer

Books by Mark A. Clarke, Barbara Dobson, and Sandra Silberstein

One copy of the 5th edition of
Reader's Choice

Choice Readings

Books by Mark A. Clarke

A Place to Stand

Common Ground, Contested Territory