Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Words glorious words

We have a lot of words. I collected them this weekend. Here they are:

again, Amos (Carol's cat), Amy (Ah-me), Andy, apple, baa (sheep), baby, ball, banana, bat, bath (bash), bathroom, bead, beep (microwave), belly, Ben, bib, birdie, bite, bless you, boobies, boot, bottle, boy, Brendon, Briahnna (Nanna), brush, bubbles, bus, buttons, ,bye-bye, cake, chai, choo choo (train or truck), clock (cluck cluck with her tongue), coat, cold, come on, cookie (tootie), cry, cute, daddy, dance, dirty, doggie, dolly, done, down, duck, ear, eat, eggs, Elmo, eye, fishie, foot, froggie, gentle, glasses, go,hair, hand, Hannah, happy (means birthday or cake), hat, head, heart, hee haw (donkey), Helen, hello (means phone), hi!, ho ho (santa), home, hoo hoo (owl), hop (grasshopper), hot, house, ice, itty bitty (means spider--ee bee), juice, Julia, kiss, kitty (also means to draw), knee, knitting, lady, lid, light, lion, loud,Lulu, mail, mama, man (means snowman and gingerbread man as well), medecine, mess, mine, mitten (mitt), mommie (means "I want it!"), money, moo-moo (cow), moon, more (mo), mouse, mouth, naughty, needle, neigh (horse), Nemo (emo), night night (nigh nigh--means sleep and blankets), no!, noise, nose, off, oh (cherrios), on, oops!, open, Oscar, out,owie, Pat, pee, people, piano, piece, pizza, plane, plate, play, please (pease), pocket, poopie, potty, pretty, puppy, purse, push, read, robe, rock, run, Shelly, shoe, shoes, sit, snow, spoon, stuck, Suzie, swing (means slide and park), tail, tea, teeth, that, three, tickle tickle, toast, toe, toes, too, towel, toys, trash, turtle, two, tylenol (ta-nol), uh oh, up (and uppie), walk, water, whale, what's that, what's this, wow, yay!, yeah, yes, zantac.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

We can preorder the Harry Potter book 7!

I seem to be blessed with good books lately! First I stumble across Juliet Marillier's books--and find that not only has she written one very long series of great books, but she has several books already published and she's working on more! Then I get news that I can pre-order Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows--though I have to wait until July 21st to read it. Life is good. Hannah and I read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince the summer she was born. It arrived the day after she was due (but she was already 6 weeks old at that point!).
Also, I found this delightful blog and it contains pages of a beautiful baby dancing around with the most amazing hand-made toys. So last night after work, I hauled my sewing machine out of the basement. We're making toys today!
I've made some progress on Anne's pin--but obviously didn't get it done in a week as I had hoped! Oh well--that's the way it goes. Hannah caught a cold (she's better now), work is super busy (Spin-Off goes to press on Valentine's Day--how romantic!), and it keeps snowing all the time--making my commuting hours longer. It is beautiful, though, the winter landscape.
I better go--Hannah's unloading my framing drawer in my office, bringing me one frame at a time.