Friday, July 08, 2011

More words, glorious words

When Hannah was 21 months old, I made a list of words that she was saying. Something triggered the memory and today I went back and looked at it --and thought I'd do the same for Sarah.

All done!, all gone, Amy (mi-mi), baa (sheep), baby, ball, banana, beep (microwave), Ben, belly, birdie, boobies, bottle, Bri, bye-bye, cake (Happy!), cat (Meow!), cookie (tootie), cry, Daddy, dirty, Dog (woof, woof), down, duck (quack), eye, Granddad (Gan-dad), Grandma (Gaa-ma), go, Hannah, hat, hello (he-woo: said into a phone), hi!, hot, huh? (means—what?), juice, Julia (says Daddy-a), Kelly (Ke-wee), kiss (tiss), knee, mama, mine!, mommie (means "I want it!"), more (mo), night night (nigh nigh--means sleep and bed), no!, nose, one (counts: one, two, three), open, outside, owie (means band-aid and hurt), pee, please (pease), pocket, poopie (means underwear as well as bottom), shoe, shoes, swing (means slide and park), teeth, toast, that, three, two, uh oh, up, wow, yay!, yeah.
She also has lots of phrases that are all run together:
There you go (der-you-go), Here we are (ear-we-are--she says this when we arrive some where she recognizes), All done, all gone, I want it (uhwan-tit), There it is (der-it-is), There he/she is (when she sees someone she recognizes), I want to swing (uwan-ta-wing), I want juice (uwan-juuuuu).

More new words as of 8-1-2011: Duckie, knee, Sarah, why?, Happy Birthday (sounds like Happy Doo-day!).