Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Words glorious words

We have a lot of words. I collected them this weekend. Here they are:

again, Amos (Carol's cat), Amy (Ah-me), Andy, apple, baa (sheep), baby, ball, banana, bat, bath (bash), bathroom, bead, beep (microwave), belly, Ben, bib, birdie, bite, bless you, boobies, boot, bottle, boy, Brendon, Briahnna (Nanna), brush, bubbles, bus, buttons, ,bye-bye, cake, chai, choo choo (train or truck), clock (cluck cluck with her tongue), coat, cold, come on, cookie (tootie), cry, cute, daddy, dance, dirty, doggie, dolly, done, down, duck, ear, eat, eggs, Elmo, eye, fishie, foot, froggie, gentle, glasses, go,hair, hand, Hannah, happy (means birthday or cake), hat, head, heart, hee haw (donkey), Helen, hello (means phone), hi!, ho ho (santa), home, hoo hoo (owl), hop (grasshopper), hot, house, ice, itty bitty (means spider--ee bee), juice, Julia, kiss, kitty (also means to draw), knee, knitting, lady, lid, light, lion, loud,Lulu, mail, mama, man (means snowman and gingerbread man as well), medecine, mess, mine, mitten (mitt), mommie (means "I want it!"), money, moo-moo (cow), moon, more (mo), mouse, mouth, naughty, needle, neigh (horse), Nemo (emo), night night (nigh nigh--means sleep and blankets), no!, noise, nose, off, oh (cherrios), on, oops!, open, Oscar, out,owie, Pat, pee, people, piano, piece, pizza, plane, plate, play, please (pease), pocket, poopie, potty, pretty, puppy, purse, push, read, robe, rock, run, Shelly, shoe, shoes, sit, snow, spoon, stuck, Suzie, swing (means slide and park), tail, tea, teeth, that, three, tickle tickle, toast, toe, toes, too, towel, toys, trash, turtle, two, tylenol (ta-nol), uh oh, up (and uppie), walk, water, whale, what's that, what's this, wow, yay!, yeah, yes, zantac.


Mary Timme said...

And it has only begun! This is what you get when you talk to your children all the time. They learn to talk back. Isn't it fun. They are gradually becoming the person they will eventually be. Miracles!

Amy said...

Hi Mary,
It is fun! I've been writing down her new words on slips of paper all over the house when they occur. I wish I could learn new words so quickly. I did learn one yesterday, aggregate. Thanks for reading my blog, Mary, and for commenting, and for requesting more entries!
See you,

Mary Timme said...


You silly girl, I love your work, whether it be spin-off, soar, the little one or books and who knows what else! Hannah is a great deal of fun too.