Monday, February 20, 2006

Spinning Romney from New Zealand

Like I said earlier, I've been inspired to spin by the Yarn Harlot's call to action. I've been taking a couple minutes a day to spin some of the Romney I bought in New Zealand in 2001. I have a huge bag of it. I don't have anything in mind for the yarn right now--I just want to spin some up. I think it is a little coarse for next to the skin wear--but it'd be great for an outer scarf or vest.
It's good to make yarn.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Clapping baby!

Yay! Hannah learned to clap! Now she does it all the time. She especially likes clapping when Lulu the cat walks by.

So, not much on the craft front to report--except that we're going to press with Spin-Off a week from today and there is a lot to do and it is consumming all my free time. I did spin for about 5 minutes the other day in an effort to relax.

I have been living vicariously through the reports of the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics ( and last night I dreamed that I met Stephanie--she was a guest speaker at SOAR and I was trying to find a room where she could give her talk--but instead I was finding rooms filled with Zambonis and realestate agents setting up their phone systems.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

What to bead next

I pulled these pieces that had been shipped back from the Iowa Artisan's Gallery in Iowa City--to show a friend who came over for lunch on Sunday. I left them out as a reminder that I need five pieces for an exhibit in Montreal in March, and another piece for an exhibit in Massachusetts that also begins in March. There are five pieces there--one of them hasn't been framed yet--Hannah and the Sunflower. So which one should I send to Massachusetts?

I have to start a new piece this weekend with the hope of finishing it by the Montreal exhibit and having it ready to exhibit (mounted, framed, photographed, etc.). Before Baby I'd need a solid month of dedicated beading to get a piece done. I've only done one piece since Hannah arrived--and that took me four months--eek! And October and November were dedicated to finishing it since I had a deadline.

My options: I can ask 13 moons to send another piece, I can borrow Dreamer of Dreams from my sister (again) for the exhibit, I can make a small piece. Also, I have ideas finally brewing for two pieces I've promised friends--I'd really like to fulfill those promises--but if I get started on those pieces, I may not finish them in time for the Montreal show (it is only a week long--so I could exhibit the work and give it to them afterwards--I'll see if they think that's a good idea or not).

Hannah has a cold--so I've only thought a lot about this dilemma, but not done anything about it yet.