Monday, October 29, 2007

A bit of weaving

I did a bit of weaving this weekend--color samples for Liz's book. They'll end up being coasters after all is said and done.
I love the rigid heddle loom. I think this was Liz's plan in asking me to help out. She's such a rigid-heddle-loom pusher! I wove off the end of one warp with a bit of my handspun and made a little doll blanket for Hannah to use.
Hannah and I wove together a bit, too. I guess that's part of my plan!

So--I have completed 1 of the 26 warps I need to weave...and my deadline was November....I'll need to find out if that is the beginning of November or the end.
And there is the class that I'm teaching in Florida the weekend before Thanksgiving--that means bead kits to make. And the beading daily project I promised Michelle. And the portrait of Lady Godiva that I'm beading. And then the magazine goes to press November 14th. Hmmm. No wonder I'm having crazy dreams at night about moving to Nova Scotia and walking sheep for a living (yep on leashes!).

I did a bit of spinning to relax after I figured out how many things I promised to complete in November. That helped a lot.

And I received a batt in the mail from a friend! I'm going to admire it for a little bit before I spin it up.

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Mary Timme said...

Oh, such pretties! Are you sure you have enough to do! I mean really don't you want to be pushed some more. We need to talk money too!