Friday, November 30, 2007

Beading in West Palm Beach Florida

I started this post right after returning from Florida--but it sat on blogger unfinished for a while--so now the snow is melted (mostly--welcome to Colorado!) and weeks have passed since we were in Florida enjoying sunshine, ocean breezes, and beading at a really fantastic shop--Beads Gone Wild and the Crystal Creations Bead Institute!
If you're ever in West Palm Beach, Florida, you need to find this bead shop--they have everything, plus a great classroom space. Glenda, the owner, works really hard to bring in bead instructors from all over to teach at her institute. What a great group of students, too! We had fun sitting around a big oak table and beading and talking and sharing cake. It was so wonderful to have a few days devoted to beading and teaching.

In the evenings, Kelly, Hannah and I would do a bit of exploring. We found the beach right away. Hannah hasn't stopped talking about the waves. She didn't want to get in them--but she sure liked watching them. We made sand castles and watched the sea birds and crabs. It was a bit chilly for sea bathing, but we got our feet wet.

Here's a video of Hannah trying to catch a lizard.

And here's Hannah the day after we got home--bundled up for winter and helping me cut boughs from our trees for our Christmas decorations.


Mary Timme said...

What a cute sweet little girl Hannah is turning out to be. No surprise there! Look at her parents. You sound so happy, Amy! I'm happy for you!

Amy said...

Oh, Mary--you're so sweet! I am happy--very, very happy.