Thursday, May 22, 2008

I've been tagged

Clearly--this is intended to get me to post. It has been a while. Sorry! Things have been happening--just at too fast a pace for me to post about them.

Progress is being made on Hannah in Helen's Hands as I'm now calling the piece (what do you think of the title, Mary?) I've actually made more progress since this photo was taken over a week ago and think that I might be able to finish it this holiday weekend while camping in the mountains with six other family members. We'll see!

Spring has sprung full force--my tulips are almost all done, the iris are blooming! It seems so early for Iris--but maybe that is because I'm in shock that it is May at all, and not only that--but the end of May.

I did a bunch of silk spinning in April--to work on the Printed Silk Cardigan from the Spring 2008 issue of Knits by Connie Chang. It is still in progress. And I'm still working on my Dad's cardigan (which I also plan on working on while tootling around in the mountains this weekend).

I attended the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival May 2-5--very fun, of course. I came home with wool. Wool, wonderful wool! But haven't had a chance to spin much. I'm planning on taking my spinning wheel and fiber with me camping this weekend.

Okay--the meme tag. I've never done one of these before. Diane tagged me. Of course, hers is entirely captivating--what with her past history studying Old German and Old Norse--who knew?

1. What was I doing ten years ago?
Ten years ago was 1998--I had been working at Interweave Press as an Editorial Assistant for nearly 9 months. I lived in a small apartment in Fort Collins, Colorado just 1/2 block north of the Public Library and around the corner from Joe Coca's photo studio. I was recovering from the Fort Collins flood. I drove down to Denver nearly every weekend to spend time with my family and stay with my Grandma Helen. I went with her on her morning walks around City Park. I lived on a modest budget--$10 a week for groceries. It was that spring that I embarked on a bead embroidery project for Beadwork magazine that changed the course of my art work. Soon, I'd receive news that I was going to be an Aunt--also a life altering event.

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order):

1. Shower.
2. Get Hannah ready for Miss Tina's.
3. Take Hannah to Miss Tina's.
4. Arrive at Interweave and figure out how I'm going to attend two meetings that occur at the same time.
5. Work on author payments, comp copy notes, read 35 essays, edit the spinner's connection, figure out Felt photography, select items for handspun gallery.

3. Snacks I enjoy:
Mmmm. Snacks. I love shortbread, but I have to exercise extreme willpower to stay away from sugar in most forms--drat. It's for my own good. Really.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

This one really isn't fair. It is a trick question. First of all, I don't really want to be a billionaire. While it would be nice not to have to worry about money--I think it would come with a lot of additional stress. Stress that I can't even imagine (that's what I'm telling myself anyway). I would put the majority of the money in trust funds that would fund several charities that would truly help people in meaningful ways--alleviate hunger, sickness, right wrongs, provide education, fund artisans and writers who wouldn't otherwise have a chance to share their gifts. I would give each of my family members enough money so that they could pay off their mortgage and travel as they wished. I would make sure my nieces and nephews had enough socked away so that they could all go to college if they wished. I would pay off our mortgage and do a bit of remodeling (put in a hot tub, build Kelly the garage of his dreams). I would become a full time mom and a part time artist. I would travel occasionally. I might start an artist community like the one in Balboa Park in San Diego--but within walking distance of my house. Learn lampworking. Garden. Take my daughter and nieces and nephews swimming.

5. Places I have lived:

Boulder, Colorado.

Cairo, Egypt.

Rastanura, Saudi Arabia.

Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Denver, Colorado.

Mt. Vernon, Iowa.

San Jose, Costa Rica.

Boruca, Costa Rica.

Fort Collins, Colorado.

Loveland, Colorado.

Lakewood, Colorado.

5. People I want to know more about:

Mary and Jenny.


Diane said...

Wow, you've lived in Saudi Arabia! What was it like? What took you there.

One of our friends is possibly moving there for work soon - his girlfriend is definitely NOT going.


Amy said...

Hi Diane,
My parents--very adventurous folks--got married, had me and moved to Egypt all within a year. I was two months old when the sailed across the ocean. While in Egypt they had my sister, Julia. They were studying at the American University in Cairo. After they finished their degrees, they moved to Rastanura, Saudi Arabia to put their newly learned skills to work teaching English as a Second Language at Aramco. There my brother Ben was born. All this occurred within four years. They moved back to the U.S. when I shortly before I was to start kindergarten to Michigan where my Dad worked on his doctorate.
My parents enjoyed their time in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, though it was a turbulent time. They made many friends who they are still in contact with. We went back to visit when I was in college--to Egypt--and it was like going home. Everything was familiar--smells, sounds, tastes. Very kind people in Egypt--they generously opened their hearts and homes to us.
See you,

Mary Timme said...

I'm glad the big T's didn't hit you yesterday although the bank should withstand anything, I'd think. Still, who wants to find out. Wow! You timing is great with the weekend. Isn't it just a scary busy at this time of life? Whew!

janel said...

Uh oh, I just tagged you too... And now I realize my faux pas... since you've already been tagged for this meme.

Well, now I don't have to wait to find out more about you!

Jeannine Bakriges said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks so much for your wonderful comment on my blog. I'll answer the meme right here:

1. What was I doing ten years ago?
Ten years ago, 1998, we moved from Toronto, Ontario (where for the last three years Chris was getting a doctorate from York University and I was a historical interpreter at Black Creek Pioneer Village) to Brattleboro, Vermont. I began a day job in the men's department at Sam's Outdoor Outfitters. By night I worked on spinning projects. That was the year I began teaching consecutively at Harrisville Designs.

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order):
~Clean both bathrooms (I hate cleaning bathrooms), do the dishes, dust, vacuum, sweep...
~Do a load or two of laundry.
~Do a promised e-mail Tarot reading for a friend.
~Prep and spin the last of the needed fibers for a hat for the BOOK.

3. Snacks I enjoy:
Anything salty and popcorn, cheese popcorn or potato chips. Add some horseradish dip with the chips and I'm in junk food heaven.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire: I agree with you, Amy...I don't want to be a billionaire either. BUT if I had unlimited income, the first thing would be to buy a piano for Chris. We've never had a real piano in our house. Then I'd have Chris build a recording studio and start his own recording company. I'm pretty confident we'd consider having a small apartment in NYC, obnoxiously in addition to our home in VT. Put money away I suppose...something we're never able to do now. Put money away for the kids. Give plenty of money to NAMI.

5. Places I have lived:
Detroit, MI
Taipei, Taiwan
Bennington, VT
Great Barrington, MA
Albany, NY
Middletown, CT
Toronto, ON Canada
Brattleboro, VT
Whitingham, VT

5. People I want to know more about:
I enjoyed learning more about YOU, Amy!!
Cheers, Jenny

selects wool & flax said...

Hannah in Helen's Hands is so very dear ~ cannot wait to see the finished piece!