Saturday, September 05, 2009

Nose, roof, and deconstruction, oh my!

Hannah's nose is all better (here she is a few days after the accident, and here she is two weeks later)--in fact we found out later it didn't actually break--only because her nose hasn't fully matured yet--so there really aren't bones to break. I'm still having dreams about Hannah getting hurt, though. Last night I dreamed that we were hanging pictures and a really big framed painting fell down and grazed her nose. I thank our lucky stars that this is our biggest trauma since she was born (that was traumatic).

We have a new roof since the July 21st hailstorm. My garden is still a pale shade of what it was before the storm, but it will be fine next year and I'll actually be able to bend down and do work in it--which I'm not able to do right now.

And now we're deconstructing Hannah's room--well, Kelly is, that is. Here he is taking out the built in desk that was taking up too much room and not allowing for enough flexibility in the room.

We're getting the room ready for Hannah's sister--due September 27th. Here's her pudgy, little face. I'm looking forward to meeting her.
That's what's going on with us right now. I'm working on finishing the blanket for my sister's baby--it is nearly done and I haven't been able to do much beading this summer because the pregnancy has been difficult and I've had to spend a lot more time than I like lying down. I suppose that's to be expected when you're forty(!) and having a baby! Anyway--there will be plenty of time for beading later and I'm so looking forward to welcoming little Sarah to our family.


Spindlers2 said...

Poor Hannah! Glad it is all better now.
I bet she is excited about meeting Sarah, too. Good luck!


Jeannine Bakriges said...

Am so glad to see Hannah has recovered so nicely.

Safe and swift travels for baby Sarah...WOW, very soon to arrive!!

Holly said...

Looks like Hannah has recovered well but Mom's still traumatized. Some of your reaction is probably the raging hormones that pregnancy brings with it. That soon will pass as it isn't long now before Sarah arrives. I can't wait to see pictures of her. Till then keep those feet up.