Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fiber dreams

Last night I dreamed (my sister always groans when I begin a sentence like this) about werewolves--but they were kind of like bison and they lived in the grand canyon and they were not able to scale the walls of the canyon so they were isolated there. I was a kid in a family of witches (we were flying around a big house a little earlier and I had been trying to summon a laundry basket from upstairs without spilling everything--but it wasn't working) and my family was crammed into a small car driving past the grand canyon when we learned of the werewolves/bison--and then we saw people climbing out of the canyon and they were dressed in these amazingly soft handspun pants and shirts and scarves (apparently it was very cold in the canyon) that they had made from the werewolves fiber. At first I was scared by the thought of werewolves, but then I realized that they couldn't be too fierce if these people were able to gather their fiber. Then the dream diverged into a shopping mall expedition through a baby store for a bit. Then I was back at my parent's home and I heard something in the garage and found one of the werewolves (it didn't look anything like a Bison at this point--just a very hairy man) running around the garage (and up the walls, too). He was scared more than anything, so I tried to hide him from neighbors who came over because they thought they saw something in the garage. Oh, and I was wearing a wedding dress at this point and I was trying to get my veil to stay on.
I think I got the crammed-into-the-car image from looking at photos at my grandfather's service of our family of 5 plus 2 grandparents crammed into their VW bug for a trip to the mountains (I had told my husband these stories--but he was still amazed when he saw the photos--he kept asking if the Bug actually made it up the mountain with all of us in it--see the photo--my Dad is taking the photo and about to hop back in--it was in a time before car seats or even much of a seat belt campaign). And I was thinking about the movie King Kong yesterday because my husband bought the DVD--and I was thinking about the beauty and the beast theme. I think the wedding dress came from watching a snippet of Ella Enchanted while I was pumping yesterday.
Oh and take a look at the socks on me and my sister in the photo that is mostly cropped off next to the one with us in the VW--isn't that a nice 1970s fashion statement?

I really am working on the post about Montreal--it is long! Maybe I should post it in parts--what do you think?

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Anonymous said...

We used to be five in the VW Bug when I was a (very little) kid, and pretty crammed in our winter coats. Seven?! But yours was a convertible: so cool! I just loved riding down the driveway, standing on the step plate (you do remember the step plate?).

With respect to the Montreal workshop, any bits and pieces, in whatever order it comes to you, seems good to me. I just hope that coming home to the very sad news of your granddad having passed away will not cast too much of a shadow on the memories you keep from your short stay here. We had such a great time with you!