Friday, March 16, 2007

Uh oh!

There was a little bit of an accident yesterday and a certain 21-month-old asked for "beads!" and an unsuspecting grandfather thought that the case was one of Hannah's toys and let her have it. Of course, as soon as she opened it (she is clever!) Granddad knew it was Mama's toy, not Hannah's. So I have a little bit of bead-clean up to do.
The bead soup that my students use in classes just got a little bigger.
I'm still working on Anne's pin. I found a bit of the silk to cover my messy stitches on the back--so I'm stitching that on. I just need to add the pin back. I lost a beading needle for a little bit in the play area--but was so relieved when I found it again. I don't want Hannah to have any negative associations with beads (or any crafts for that matter!).


Mary Timme said...

I can just see your poor dad. I nearly feel sorry for him!

Amy said...

Hi Mary,
I felt badly, too (for my dad). I left it out where she could get it. She's never tried to play with it before so it didn't occur to me that she would on Thursday.
Anyway--they are totally recoverable--so it is no big deal.
See you,