Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dreams about wrapping paper

I have pretty vivid dreams every night. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they aren't. I'm reading Juliet Marillier's Wildwood Dancing--a very fairytale-esque tale with tidbits of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, the Princess and the Frog, and Dracula--it offers a lot of material for dreams (so many gossamer dresses!)--and yet last night I had an anxiety dream about wrapping a birthday present for my niece (oh! I'm seeing a connection here--I gave Briahnna a copy of this book for her birthday!). The dream took place in a small gift shop with shelves and shelves of wrapping paper, beautiful, exotic wrapping paper and I couldn't find anything that would work. I'd reach for something thinking it was it, and then it would be different when I actually had it in my hand or it would be the wrong size. I was on the brink of tears, feeling like I wouldn't get it wrapped in time--I could hear the kids coming. And then it wasn't a shop anymore, but my sister-in-law's house (though it looked the same) and I was telling her that I'd replace whatever I used and feeling anxious about that.


Mary Timme said...

Dreams, I believe, are where we heal that which we didn't even know was broken. Or perhaps we work stuff out. You've a lot on your plate, Amy, so perhaps that is part of it. Still I can't help but ask, so when are we going to see beaded papers?

Amy said...

Hi Mary, that rings true and is so poetic. Thank you. Beaded papers, hmmm. I have done some beading on silk fusion which is like beading on paper and then there is the paper of the design that I bead through. But is it is something to consider!
See you!