Thursday, April 05, 2007


Around Christmas, my mom urged me to cut Hannah's bangs. But I was insistent that I didn't want to because I wanted it to grow out so that we could tuck it behind her ears, and I was afraid of going near her face with scissors. Here is a before shot just a couple weeks before. While her hair is getting longer and could be tucked behind her ears, it doesn't stay. But the reason why I finallyI gave Hannah a haircut was because she woke up Sunday morning and was whining and pushing her hair out of her eyes, and then said exasperatedly, "Hair!". It seemed like it was time.
The haircut itself was very quick--I sat her on her little stool on the counter in the bathroom and gave her two toothbrushes (both hers) to play with--one for each hand. Then before she noticed I snipped, snipped and it was done. She said "iee bee!" when she saw little bits of hair falling around her (that means "spider!"). Kelly got it on video--but we didn't get any still shots of the process. The hardest part was getting it straight when she was moving around so much--but her hair is so straight, that it made it easier.

So here is the after shot. She also chose her clothes for the day. She saw this dress that Grandma Jane made for Bri and insisted on wearing it. It will probably actually fit her when she's four. She also wanted to wear the red rain boots that were my sister's when she was a baby. Those are 35+ year-old boots!

We're getting over a virus--well, Hannah is. I think she got it from Will--though it seems like a long incubation period. Will got sick on Tuesday last week and was throwing up for a week. It was scary. Until Tuesday night, I was thinking that we had dodged the bullet since Hannah didn't get sick right away. I took Hannah to the doctor yesterday as soon as I could get her in--she threw up at midnight but then went back to sleep. They said to take her off all dairy until she's recovered. In the morning she had diarrhea, but no fever. She seems to be better already. I'm hoping today it is all gone. No vomiting last night.

Provided that Hannah is better, I'm going to the Stephanie Pearl McPhee booksigning and talk tonight at the Lodo Tattered Cover! I hope that I can get there early enough to get tickets--they only have room for 200 people. I'm packing my knitting and spinning--maybe I'll actually have time to do some while I'm waiting in line! Oh joy!

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