Monday, August 06, 2007

Dyeing in the backyard

A friend from work needed help with a sweater that she wanted to overdye--what a great excuse to pull out the long-languishing dye stuff and dye some fabric. We spent the day (and part of the night) on the back porch figuring out the dyes (yikes it has been over 10 years since I did any serious dyeing!). Hannah took a 3-hour nap at a very convenient time. Thank you Hannah. Kelly watched her while she was awake so I didn't have to worry about boiling water, dyestuff, and toddlers.

While we were waiting for the dyes to set, I taught Erin how to do a bit of bead embroidery and I finished up the beaded pin for Liz the inventor of the fobbie. She wanted an example of what you could do with bead embroidery and her gift wrapping tool. I had a lot of fun with that!

Saturday I helped another friend, Liz, move--she and her husband bought the cutest cottage with a charming backyard and lots of porches perfect for spinning or beading. She set up the greatest weaving room with a view of her future goats. I was so charmed by the house that moving seemed like a breeze--also, she was really organized about the whole thing--so it was pretty easy.

So it was a fun weekend filled with friends and creativity. Yay.

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