Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mountain beading

I've been making progress on Atropos--but I'm getting down to the wire. I've reached one side and nearly reached two more sides--but still have hours and hours of work ahead of me before I am able to frame, photograph and deliver this piece to my alma mater for an exhibit. The plan is to deliver it this weekend while in Iowa for a race. This means, driving all night Thursday with the racers (my husband, his brother, and his dad) in the big diesel truck pulling the 50 ft trailer containing the race car and our living quarters for the weekend. We'll arrive Friday morning--with luck the piece will be done (no chance of beading in the truck--makes me car sick)--and I'll simply take the truck (no trailer) on Friday after the racers are established at the track, back track to Mt. Vernon, Iowa from Earlville and drop off five pieces. Seems like a reasonable plan. Of course--this plan involves driving 13 hours with a toddler and then asking her to get back into the truck and drive some more. We'll see how that goes. I'm hoping that she'll be able to sleep while we're driving through the night. I could always ship them--but it seems so silly to ship them when we'll be driving right by Mt. Vernon on our way to the track. And maybe I'll be able to drop in and see some of my favorite folks while I'm on campus.
I love how portable my beading is (I guess I'd never get any done if it wasn't, though). I was able to work on the piece while watching Hannah play in the pinecones and dirt up in the mountains this weekend at a very quiet and peaceful location.
Hannah and I took a little hike (she fell asleep shortly after this--I guess there is nothing so soothing as being bobbed along on your mom's back). My sister comments that the back pack isn't very flattering--I have to agree--but I guess I never considered it a fashion accessory.

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Mary Timme said...

I'm tired just reading about your life, lady! Whew! I'm glad it is you and not me. No, backpacks and the accompanying drool is not a fashion statement or accessory.