Thursday, September 06, 2007

Staying home to bead

Well, here it is Thursday and I still have quite a bit of beading to do on Atropos. I've reached one corner--which is good--but will probably spend tonight finishing the second corner (a good 3-4 hours of beading) and then tomorrow I've taken off of work (originally to go to Iowa, now to finish beading the piece) and I'll finish up the last two corners, frame the piece, photograph it, and ship it with the other pieces to the exhibit.
Kelly, my wonderful and talented husband, made the inside frame for the piece last night (see the picture below). I'll stretch silk noil on the inside frame (as you would a canvas to paint, using staples and stretching the fabric tightly around the wood frame) and then trim the silk noil on the beaded piece, turn the edges under, center it on the stretched fabric and stitch it to the frame. Then I'll cut a hole in the stretched fabric on the back (taking care not to cut the fabric on the beaded piece) and stuff the back of the beading with Merino wool from New Zealand (only the best for these pieces). Then I'll staple the ready-made black frame that I purchased from and finish it with a paper backing, tape my business card to the back, attach a hanging device and it'll be ready to go. Yep, I'm going to be lucky if I get all this done on Friday. Yikes! I think Hannah and I'll do something fun on Saturday--maybe go to the Children's Museum or the pool to celebrate getting all this work done. Or maybe on Sunday, depending on how things go.

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Mary Timme said...

So now you aren't trucking along the interstate trying to bead? You and Hannah deserve a day off to play!

We are getting some new art in our park, and I even blogged about it as it is such exciting news. Looks like a lot of fun!