Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm still here--really

I didn't mean to disappear on you like that--sorry! This spring just got so busy--too busy to post updates. Thanks to nearly daily rain for what seems like months--my garden is glorious--the iris are just finishing up and the lilies are starting in (none are blooming yet, but they promise to, soon). Daily rain--that's just not a phrase we utter much in Colorado--and certainly not with the words months. I guess it is further evidence of global warming--disturbing as that is--it sure has been nice.

For those of you who participated in my brother's auction to raise money for his film, Id and Emma--thank you! The editing is going well--here is a trailer.

Hannah turned four--can you believe it? I can't. On her birthday, I went into her room to wake her up and she was still groggy, but said, "Momma! I've got a surprise for you!" And I said, "Oh! What is it?" And she stuck her feet out from under her covers and said, "Look, my foots is bigger!"

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Mary Timme said...

Oh my goodness! Hannah is a young lady! How did that happen? It seems like yesterday she was born, but now we have another coming along. Thinking of you often and wonder how you are doing. Praying for you also.