Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shredded garden

Last night we had an intense hail storm. So, here are the before photos of my garden shot on July 10th.

And here are photos from 6:30 am this morning--several hours after the 11 pm storm last night.

I'm sure some of the garden will bounce back--but there is a lot that won't be back this season. I held Hannah during the storm--it was so intense and I worried that the hail was going to break our windows, it was blasting our house so hard. The power was out for two hours, but everything else seems to be okay--no big branches in the yard or power lines down as far as I can tell. After it was over she told me that she never wanted it to hail like that again. We have leaves plastered to the second story window, and the trees are stripped of their leaves. I have a feeling it is not going to be so nice and cool in our house for the rest of the summer. I'm sad to see my garden so decimated, but I know that it will bounce back eventually.


Mary Timme said...

We got rain, and wind, but no hail. Isn't hail just vicious? I remember when we lived on our last farm and the last hail storm left a few half tall wheat stems and the rest was pounded into the ground. Except for being smooth it looked ready to plant and had been a bumper crop before that. The corn didn't recover either and it was all plowed under. Nope don't like hail either, Hannah!

Holly said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your garden. It was beautiful and I'm sure you will sorely miss it. How do you ever have time to blog? I know what type of schedule your co-worker Toni (in Crochet) keeps, she's my daughter, and I'm amazed you find the time to blog but maybe like me it is one of the things that helps keep the balance in your world.

Amy said...

Hi Holly,
Thanks for the note! Toni's told me a lot about you and your crafting projects together--including spinning!
I don't really find much time to blog :)
The garden is starting to look a bit better--but there aren't any blooms.
See you,