Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm nearly done with Hannah's onesie--good thing, too! Well, because our house is very cold since we turned down the heat because of our eye-popping-Xcel-energy-bill and also because Wednesday and Thursday are our days for the Spin-Off photo shoots and since I'm taking Hannah anyway to the photo shoot to model some booties, I might as well have Joe shoot photos of the onesie while it fits her in case we decide to use it on the web or something.

I go back and forth on this--but I did take good notes while I was making it, even though it is a design-by-the-seat-of-your-onesie kind of design. Okay--so this is what happened--I ran out of green. Pretty obvious, huh. Then, I ordered more--Glacial Green from Louet and spun more--but I also ordered this Fuchsia at the same time and I really liked it. I could have completed the onesie in green, but I was seduced by the Fuchsia (the correct spelling of Fuchsia seems like an obscenity, doesn't it? Especially right after typing seduced....).
Then, I tried the onesie on Hannah and it was a little tight around her thighs--so I decided to add more to the bottom in Fuchsia (this is getting bad--I'm going to be banned from decent blog rings, I know it.). I did it in short rows because it gave nice shaping--but now my simple onesie isn't so simple. It was supposed to be a tube with straps. Posted by Picasa

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