Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Red Scarf Project

That's Kirk Montgomery behind me--we're at Einstein Bagels right before the filming of a short, live segment on channel 9KUSA earlier today. I was the lucky person selected from Interweave because everyone else who could do it was at TNNA in San Diego, and I live in Denver. Fortunately, I was already planning on going, had asked my MIL and her sister to come with me, and had started a red scarf last week. Only problem was that I was running out of yarn--so today I had to run over to the Recycled Lamb where I tried to tell them about the project, but they didn't seem interested, but they were very helpful in finding a yarn that would work for finishing my scarf. So today was devoted to getting ready for the tv spot--reading the literature, curling my hair (hard to tell, isn't it), putting on make up, finding current copies of our magazines, and trying to make progress on the red scarf. The Red Scarf project is sponsored by the Orphan Foundation of America (http://www.orphan.org/) to create care packages for the 2,000 or so foster youth who are aging out of the program and attending college with a family network to support them. We need to make a lot of scarves. I think 500 have been created so far. They have to be handknitted in red or other unisex colors and 60 inches long. You can drop them off at any Einstein Bagel location before January 31, 2006--a week from today. I'm nearly done with mine. Maybe I'll make two! Posted by Picasa

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