Thursday, June 07, 2007

Compost surprise!

I was wandering around my garden this morning as the sun was coming up admiring the little seedlings because that is my favorite thing about a garden--watching it grow and change. I noticed that the rose bush by the compost was blooming, so I went over to touch the petals and saw that my compost contained a surprise! I haven't turned it over in a while--though I've been adding yard clippings to it. An iris bulb was sprouting in the compost! It was the most gentle, delicate little iris leaves that I've seen, with roots clinging to a decaying leaf in the compost. What a will to live and grow.
What a perfect way to start the day. I transplanted it to my garden (still in my robe--my hair a rat's nest of tangles).


Mary Timme said...

Is anything better than early morning discoveries of this nature? Nah!

Swarovski said...

It's great that you get such enjoyment out of your garden. Since our daughter came along ours seem to have become a real chore :(

Amy said...

Oh! I found that gardening is one thing that Hannah and I can do together really well. When she was really little, I kept her close by in a stroller while I worked in the garden and now that she's bigger she digs along with me. Of course, my time in the garden is always limited to weekends and after work--but it is precious time to unwind and be inspired.
See you, Amy