Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Birthday spinning

I told Hannah last night that today would be my birthday and she sang to me . . . "Happy Birthday to Mom! Happy Birthday to Mom!" This was about as cute and endearing as when she was craddling her foot in her car seat the other day singing, "Happy Birthday to foot!" Also, my lilies waited until today to bloom. Did they know? It has been a great birthday. My dad emailed me and said, I remember this day 28 years ago when you were a squalling, red-faced infant. . . and I had to tell him that it was actually 38 years ago. He was joking, of course. But still it was funny.

I've been spinning all weekend and this week trying to meet a deadline and also spin a balanced yarn. Yep, I must confess it is a challenge for me. But today I skeined it and I think it is actually balanced! Amazing. Friends at work put on a nice party for my birthday with killer brownies (a hint of cinnamon and extra dark chocolate) , ice cream, and a tub of home made coleslaw to die for. Kelly, Hannah and I went out to eat at our favorite Indian food restaurant and Hannah asked the family who owns the place to tell her their names--which was really great because they've told us before, but we didn't quite catch them or remember and we were too embarrassed to ask again. I wrote them down this time.


Mary Timme said...

You can't be 38, you just can't be!

Aren't children the best because they aren't bound by all of our embarassments and just ask why they want to know. Hannah is soooooo cute anyway! I hope you've had lots of celebrating this week.

The yarn looks great!

Amy said...

Thanks, Mary! Hannah helps Kelly and I get through lots of social situations where we'd be too reserved to talk to people normally--she's wonderful that way and in many others as well.

Swarovski crystals said...

You should be putting your feet up on your birthday not trying to meet a deadline. Its moments like that with your daughter you should try to capture on video because once they have gone you forget them so easily.

Happy Birthday and hope you have lots of great gifts.