Thursday, June 21, 2007


Well, after a conversation with a friend at work, I began to doubt my sock. First she pointed out that my kitchener stitch was inside out.

And it was true.

I knew that, but I had been politely ignoring it.

But then she noted that the fabric of the sock was better suited to a sweater and a sock should be tighter so that you can't feel the stitches under your foot when you're wearing it.

That had been my secret complaint about the sock when I tried it on, but I had also been politely ignoring that problem as well.

Since most of the socks I've made in my life were nonfunctional (really), these are considerations that hadn't really occured to me before.

Most of the spinning and knitting I've done was done for expression and not functionality. In fact when I finished Sock for my fears, sock for my serenity, I realized that I could make a sweater.

So at any rate, frogging ocurred yesterday.

Today, reknitting begins.


Mary Timme said...

Rats, when I'm politely ignoring stuff I sort of zone out in this mode where it is "okay" and I must say Amy, you are much more polite about it. Interesting you are reknitting though. Now what will happen?

Amy said...

Hi Mary,
Well, I usually have to face the truth in the end and have to decide to live with it or fix it. I decided to fix it this time. It's looking much better already. We'll just see if I can finish it (and its mate) before my July 12th deadline!
Hope you're well.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

A body sock! Wow!!

You'll ultimately be glad you frogged I think. If it is any consolation I knit the equivalent of 5 socks to get you the two Green Lake guys. I just couldn't find quite the right gauge for that yarn.

Amy said...

5 socks in the ether. Where do socks go when they are frogged?