Sunday, January 04, 2009

More ornaments

First off--Happy New Year everyone!
I'm still in an ornament making frenzy. My Aunt Lise gave us the cutest Christmas tree wall hanging a few years ago with a little pocket for each day of December until Christmas--to count off the days. It came with candy--one candy in each pocket, one piece of candy for each day until Christmas. That's a lot of candy for a baby (or anyone for that matter)--so this year I placed a small ornament in each pocket and Hannah and I had great fun counting the days and putting an ornament on the tree each day.

But I had an idea--and for next year I'm making 25 ornaments (well, now I have 30+), each with a photo of our family and friends on a star shaped ornament (I used a toy cookie cutter)--and we'll decorate the tree with their wonderful faces.

This idea meant that I needed to buy more polymer clay.

Hannah made ornaments, too. They are portraits--the yellow one is Hannah, the green one is of me.


Mary Timme said...

Not sure if Hannah got the details but she has the essence of mommy and Hannah down pat doesn't she?

chuckle, Giggle, laugh!

Jeannine Bakriges said...

Hannah's and your ornaments are wonderful, Amy! Each and every one is a treasure.