Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Project completed!

Yes, it is true. This is a photo of my dad wearing his sweater, started in November of 1996, completed this weekend and delivered to my dad on Sunday. He and my mom are taking turns reading books to Hannah, doted-upon-grandchild-that-she-is.

Dad asked to have me holding the knitting needles in the photo--I've already cast-on a hat for myself as a "you-did-it!" reward.

I was worried that the sweater was going to be too large, but it turned out to be the kind of sweater that looked good on several people of different body types who tried it on and it fits my dad perfectly. He said he's never going to take it off now that he has it. We're a bit prone to exaggeration in my family--but I like that he liked it so much to say something like that. I wonder if I could, like, fit the word like into that sentence one more time. Like, that would be really funny.


Diane said...

It looks great :-) and your dad looks thrilled with it!

I like the look of your hat too - what I can see of it :-)

Amy said...

Thanks, Diane! There's more of the hat in my projects on Ravelry.

janel said...

Oh Amy, Congratulations on a job well done. I bet it feels great to get such a long standing WIP off the needles. And how cute is your family? You look just like them all! I like the fact that you and your mom are wearing the same color here. Your dad wears that sweater with panache! He looks like he really loves it.

Enjoy your reward hat, green is my favorite color so that would be my choice too (come to think of it I have a lot of green hats).

Amy said...

Thank you, Janel! It does feel good.
Everyone who knows my dad, says I look like my dad and everyone who knows my mom says I look like my mom.
I love green, too.

dustin said...

Woo-hoo!! He wears it proudly (doesn't look as heavy now on HIS shoulders). Did you cry? I would. Maybe that is why I don't get much further than swatches when knitting.
nice hat too!

Amy said...

Hi Dustin,
You know that I cry in most situations, but this wasn't one of them. I just felt so relieved to have it done and in his hands.
See you,