Monday, January 26, 2009

Too big, too small...what about just right?

I decided to full the hat--it is still a bit big, but wearable. Here it is before and after fulling.

I also started one for Hannah. The first one I cast on, I over compensated and made it too small, so I had to frog it and start over. The second one fits her pretty well--though it doesn't cover her ears completely. I'd show you a photo on her, but I'm not quick enough to photograph it before she whips it off her head. She does say she likes it and will wear it when it is cold out . . . we'll see. We got some lovely snow last night, so we'll have an opportunity this morning to try out our new hats in cold weather.


Mary Timme said...

Boy, you should both be getting wear from warm hats today!!!! What a great gift for you both. Sounds like fun to me. They look great.

Anni said...

That's gorgeous.